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Product's and Patent's

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A) Product's

1. COVID-19 Products Developed by RIT(Click to see pdf file)






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2. Other Products


Salient Features
Motor at slave unit is automatically turned off by sending SMS automatically when tank is full by Master. Motor at slave unit is automatically turned ON by sending SMS automatically when tank is empty by Master. Six registered operators can check water level in ESR by sending SMS or by dialing the Master unit. Detection of Dry run condition: Motor is automatically switched off when running dry and notification is sent to operators by SMS. Detection of single phasing: Motor is automatically switched off when three phase supply is improper and notification is sent to operators by SMS. Motor at slave site can also be controlled by three operators through cell phone. Password Protection: 6 operators can control both units using their mobile phone. Motor at slave unit can also be turned ON for specific interval of time through mobile phone. Both Master and Slave units can be controlled using mobile phone.

Model with display indication is also developed. This model can be installed at monitoring Office. This model gives real time indication of water level in the ESR. Gives alarm when ESR becomes empty or full. In a college if there are more than one tank then water level of each and every tank can be checked and displayed on this unit. All the information of water level of each and every tank can be obtained on phone by SMS


Passive Infrared (PIR) energy is emitted by the human body. It works on detecting change in infrared energy emitted by human body. Human body movement causes change in infrared energy falling on the PIR sensor. PIR sensor does not detect stationary objects/humans/animals. PIR sensor does not detect moving objects like fans, window curtains etc. which do not radiate infrared energy. It is safe to use, as system does not transmit any RF energy for detection purpose. To reduce power consumption to zero when classroom/hostel room/corridors/ house rooms /hotel rooms are unoccupied. AC input Power supplied to classroom/hostel room/corridors/ house rooms /hotel rooms is controlled through electronic system. AC input power is connected to classroom/hostel room/corridors/ house rooms /hotel room’s automatically on occupancy detection and disconnected when non occupancy is detected. This system saves wastage of power.

Smart DC Regulated Power Supply

Name of faculty: Dr. A. B. Kakade

Department: Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

Applications: Laboratory Power supply in Technical Institutes, R&D labs.


  • Output Voltage- 0.5 to 30 Volt.
  • Load Current- 0 to 2Amp.
  • Excellent Load Regulation less than 40 mV.
  • Simultaneous Indication of Load Voltage, Load Current and current limit on the LCD display.
  • Beep and visual indication of excess and short circuit current on display.
  • Excellent protection against continuous short circuit.
  • Smart heat management system in controlling devices for longer operating life, more than 5 years.
  • Cooling fan is Switched on only if controlling devices heat up.
  • Aesthetically good looking design.


Electric Powered Stretcher Trolley

Name of faculty: Prof. Lokesh Patil

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Client: Krishna Institute of Medical Science, Karad

  • Objective is to transport patient with minimum effort on ramp road in hospital
  • Trolley is designed considering rolling friction, slope and starting acceleration
  • Linear speed of 5 Km/hr which is a walking speed of human being
  • BLDC motor is of 2.5 KW power, 3500 RPM speed, Gear Box Ratio-36
  • Amount Spent: 2 lacs


B) Patents's

Sr. No. Patent App. No. Title of Invention Name of Faculty/Student
1. 1123/MUM/2011 Improved sugarcane harvester and method of using the same Prof. P. P. Deshpande, Ms. D. S. Salunkhe, Ms. S. S. Salunkhe
2. 265/MUM/2013 Adjustable & Automated Treatment platform of Dynamic back bending bench for Physiotherapeutic treatment Prof. P. P. Deshpande, Prof. D. D. Divekar
3. 304/MUM/2013 A Drying & roasting solar energy apparatus & method of using the same Prof. S. B. Kumbhar
4. 2971/MUM/2013 Vibration Massager Dr. A. B. Kakade
5. 2972/MUM/2013 An apparatus for preparing curd Dr. A. B. Kakade
6. 2605/MUM/2014 Vibration absorber system for controlling / minimizing vibrations Mr. S. B. Kumbhar
7. 3211/MUM/2014 An Apparatus for Heart Blockage Diagnosis Dr. A. B. Kakade, Mr. B. S. Shete, Mr. Shailesh Kuthe, Mr. Manoj Lonkar, Mr. S. S. Kulkarni
8. 3363/MUM/2013 Electronic Geometric Compasses Prof. S. R. Jagtap
9. 3364/MUM/2013 Hinge System Dr. A. C. Attar
10. 3432/MUM/2013 Academic system based on mobile computing devices Dr. (Mrs.) S. S. Kulkarni, Mr. S. S. Kulkarni
11. 3434/MUM/2013 Interlocking bricks Dr. A.C. Attar, Mr. Marunmale A. K.
12. 3520/MUM/2013 An inflating Arrangement Mr. I.T. Mulani, Mr. V. S. More, Mr. A. K. Nagane, Mr. S. S. Gijare, Mr. S. M. Mulla
13. 3521/MUM/2013 Pneumatic Safety Device Mr. I. T. Mulani, Mr. V. S. More, Mr. A. K. Nagane, Mr. S. S. Gijare, Mr. S. M. Mulla
14. 3867/MUM/2013 Automatic Agricultural Chemical Sprayer Prof. Mrs. J. S. Awati
15. 4087/MUM/2013 Tracking System for Vehicles with people flow management Prof. M. S. Kumbhar, Miss. S. S. Desai
16. 255923/20/08/2013 Automobile Shock absorber Prof. L. M. Jugulkar, Dr. S. M. Sawant
17. 255922/20/08/2013 Shock Absorber for vehicles N. V. Satpute, Dr. Shankar Singh, Dr. S. M. Sawant
18. 91/MUM/2014 Electronic Baby Cradle Prof. M. S. Patil
19. 1459/MUM/2015 A Concentrated Solar PV Thermal Energy System Prof. Supriya Sawant
20. 1453/MUM/2015 Weed removal system and method Dr. Anand Kakade
21. 1455/MUM/2015 System and method for detection of Adulterated milk Dr. Anand Kakade
22. 3596/MUM/2015 A cutter assembly for a crop harvester Prof. P. P. Deshpande, Ms. D. S. Salunkhe, Ms. S. S. Salunkhe
23. 3597/MUM/2015 A bundling system and method Prof. P. P. Deshpande, Ms. D. S. Salunkhe, Ms. S. S. Salunkhe
24. 3598/MUM/2015 A conveyor system Prof. P. P. Deshpande, Ms. D. S. Salunkhe, Ms. S. S. Salunkhe
25. 3599/MUM/2015 Scraping Apparatus Prof. P. P. Deshpande, Ms. D. S. Salunkhe, Ms. S. S. Salunkhe
26. 3725/MUM/2015 Trimming mechanism Prof. P. P. Deshpande, Ms. D. S. Salunkhe, Ms. S. S. Salunkhe
27. 4056/MUM/2015 Material Handling System Prof. P. P. Deshpande, Ms. D. S. Salunkhe, Ms. S. S. Salunkhe
28. 285603/28/07/2016 Stapler Dr. S. K. Patil, Harshal D. Choudhary, Chinmay U. Katre, Shubham M. Chapne Kaushik G. Abhyankar, Prasanna V. Doke
29. 286267/23/08/2016 Automatic Curd maker of 16-liter capacity Dr. A. B. Kakade
30. 287438/4-10-16 Automatic Curd maker Dr. A. B. Kakade
31. 201621033852 System and Method for Fermentation of Batter Dr. A. B. Kakade
32. 201621033974 Bhel Vending Machine Mr. Patil Ankit Narayan, Mr. Nalawade Abhijit Laxman, Mr. Haridas Akshay Vinayak, Mr. Patil Rajan Tanaji, Mali Ajinkya Ashok, Mr. Prof. Santosh. R. Patil, Dr. Mahadev. S. Patil
33. 201621034077 Continuously Variable Length Circular Intake Manifold System Prof. Dhananjay G. Thombare, Mr. Khushaldas V. Badhan, Mr. Jagdish S. Injamuri, Mr. Swapnil A. Chinchodkar, Mr. Sarvesh L. Bajaj, Mr. Karan S. Ahuja
34. 201621042348 High Traction Manual Tiller Prof. S. D. Patil
35. 201721004160 Switching Polarity Multi-Stable Vibration Energy Harvester Prof. L. M. Jugulkar, Prof. Nitin Satpute
36. 201721016810 Utensils Washing Glove Mr. Lad Vivek Shripati (Auto Dept)
37. 201721024732 Multi sized Stapler Dr. S. K. Patil, Harshal D. Choudhary, Chinmay U. Katre, Shubham M. Chapne, Kaushik G. Abhyankar, Prasanna V. Doke
38. 201721028962 System And Method For Efficient Control Of Room Temperature Dr. A. B. Kakade, Prof. S. V. Kadam, Mr. Suryakant Dodmise
39. 201821004125 Automatic Sugar cane plantation machine Mr. Daji Appanna Patil, Dr. A. B. Kakade, Mr.Rohit Magdum, Mr. Suryakant Dodmise, Mr. Arvind Maruti Mhangore
40. 201821008931 Multisided Tooth Brush Mr. Attarde Rushikesh Satish, Ms. Salunkhe Pratiksha Jayawant, Mr. Pawar Akshay Anil, Mr. Patil Asmita Ashok, Mr. Chougule Abhijeet Babasaheb
41. 306023 Multi-Operational Coconut Processing Machine. (Design Patent). Filing Date-25/05/2018 Mr.Jaydeep Pimpale, Dr. S. K. Patil
42. 201921005233 Saline Monitoring System Date- 11/02/2019 Dr. A. B. Kakade, Mr. Bhagwan Holkar, Ms. Kalpana Pachore, Mr. Randhir Patil.


43. 201921031455 SMA Actuator System For Battery Temperature Control Date of Filing: 03/08/2019 Prof. S. B. Kumbhar, Prof. P. M. Jadhav, Mr. Pratik Hiremath, Mr. Pranav Shendage, Mr. Satish Nagarpole, Mr. Vitthal Kore
44. 201921031500 Locking Tong Date of Filing: 04/08/2019 Prof. S. B. Khot, Mr. Rohit Maskar, Mr. Amar Gadekar, Mr. Ninad Patil, Mr. Sumit Mahangare
45. 201923051203 AN IMPROVED SALINE MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM Date of filing:11-12-2020 Dr. A. B. Kakade
46. 201921051912

CONTACTLESS HIGENIC SWITCH Date of filing:16-12-2020

Dr. A. B. Kakade
47. 202021004016

Energy monitoring and dynamic power control system. Date of filing: 29-01-2020

Mr. Shubham Omase, Dr.A. B. Kakade, Prof. R. T. Patil, Dr. H. T. Jadhav