Rajarambapu Institute of Technology
UGC has granted extension of Autonomous Status to Rajarambapu Institute of Technology for the period w.e.f. 2017-2018 to 2021-2022      |      3rd rank in Top Engineering Colleges of Excellence as per CSR-GHRDC Engineering Colleges Survey 2018.      |      RIT has ranked 25th amongst Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - 2018 (Siliconindia Survey Report)      |      RIT has Ranked 43rd in Top 100 T-Schools in India 2019 Rankings & Ranked 9th in West Zone of Maharashtra as per DATAQUEST Survey 2019.      |      Diploma Admission MSBTE Information 2020-21

Training @ RIT:

Being a first Autonomous Engineering Institute in the region, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Rajaramnagar has designed and incorporated choice-based curriculum structure for Engineering and MBA students keeping in view the need of the current global scenario. This choice based structure is introduced in the syllabus for the development of professional skills as well as aptitude skills of the students.

  1.  Languages like Japanese, German and English are incorporated in the curriculum of First-year Engineering Students. Wherein students need to select one language for study. Also, two elective courses are offered to F.Y. students. English proficiency course is also introduced in the curriculum to develop comprehensive areas i.e. reading, writing, communicative grammar, and fundamentals of technical communication. By introducing the units like Technical Paragraph Development, Writing Business Letters, Technical Reports and Information Transfer the syllabus aims at preparing the basics of the future necessities of the aspirants from the technical field. The course aims to equip student’s skills necessary for effective communication in business and life in general. 
  2. For second-year engineering students Professional Skill Development courses like Personal Effectiveness and Body Language, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, and Public Speaking, Corporate Competency, JeevanVidya Mission-“work-life balance” are included in the syllabus to make student competent enough in their carrier. JeevanVidya Mission-“work-life balance” subject addresses on aspects like how to create a work-life balance, relationship problems, and other day-to-day challenges. Total of 588 second-year students underwent through these courses in the academic year 2017-18.
  3. For Third Year students, Program Electives are included in the curriculum. Students can select one program elective from a given list as per their requirements and interest. Also, Scholastic aptitude is made a part of the third-year syllabus to assess logical reasoning or thinking about the performance of students.