Rajarambapu Institute of Technology
UGC has granted extension of Autonomous Status to Rajarambapu Institute of Technology for the period w.e.f. 2017-2018 to 2021-2022      |      3rd rank in Top Engineering Colleges of Excellence as per CSR-GHRDC Engineering Colleges Survey 2018.      |      RIT has ranked 25th amongst Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - 2018 (Siliconindia Survey Report)      |      RIT has Ranked 43rd in Top 100 T-Schools in India 2019 Rankings & Ranked 9th in West Zone of Maharashtra as per DATAQUEST Survey 2019.      |      Diploma Admission MSBTE Information 2020-21


1. Usage of AAKASH Tab in the classroom

a. For M-Tech –CSE (Sem I Year 13-14)
SubjectDesign of Database Systems
Usage :

  1. Access Virtual Labs
  2. Cloud services for  document sharing
  3. SQL Tutor
  4. Make students to write instant queries, quotes, phrases to keep them interactive un-idleness
  5. Presentations
  6. Online short quizzes ( using clicker)

b. Class:  BE-CSE (Sem I Year 13-14)
Subject: Soft Computing

  1. Cloud services for cloud sharing
  2. Access and demonstrate virtual labs
  3. Quick search and image search , case study explanation
  4. Online short quizzes ( using clicker)

c. Class :  TY IT (Sem II Year 13-14)
Subject: Mobile Application Development

  1. To understand the deployment of .apk file onto the tablet
  2. To download existing android applications on tablet.
  3. Case study presentation based on study of some existing android application.
  4. For demonstration of the mini project developed for this course.

2. Usage for Miniproject development

As a part of Mobile Application Development Course of T. Y. B.Tech (Information Technology), students used tablets for downloading the Android Applications and deploying the developed programs.  Students developed mini projects using Android.

3. Usage for B Tech Project development

Students used the tablets for the development of the android projects. For the data collection, information sharing, development of the project modules in android students used Aakash tablets.

4. Used in the social activity for the awareness of AAKASH tablets

1. Let’s know IT

“Let’s Know IT” , a Social Activity was organized for High School and Junior college students on 4th Oct 2013.  The main objective of this activity is to create awareness among High School and Junior college students about Information Technology. Almost 250 students participated in the event get acquaint with the AAKASH tabs features as well.

2. Community program

A Community program was conducted by Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department at one of the High School at Neveri. The Students of ETC Department demonstrated the AAKASH Tablets to students of High School.

5. AAKASH tablet Awareness<

As a part of TALENT Nurture Activity in the Institute, to create awareness of the AAKASH tablets and encouraging the students to use the tablets, we distributed the tablets amongst the rankers of the F. Y. B. Tech , S. Y. B. Tech, T. Y. B. Tech students.

6. Usage in T10KT workshops

We used the tablets for the clicker quizzes for the T10KT workshops as per the requirement.

No. Tablets=245  Used=150   Not used =45   Faulty=5      Returned =30