Rajarambapu Institute of Technology
UGC has granted extension of Autonomous Status to Rajarambapu Institute of Technology for the period w.e.f. 2017-2018 to 2021-2022      |      3rd rank in Top Engineering Colleges of Excellence as per CSR-GHRDC Engineering Colleges Survey 2018.      |      RIT has ranked 25th amongst Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - 2018 (Siliconindia Survey Report)      |      RIT has Ranked 43rd in Top 100 T-Schools in India 2019 Rankings & Ranked 9th in West Zone of Maharashtra as per DATAQUEST Survey 2019.      |      Diploma Admission MSBTE Information 2020-21

Year 2016-17

Roll No Name of Student Name of Guide Name of Sponsored Industry Title of Dissertation
1525001 Patil Ranjeet Arun Prof. M. V. Kavade Non-Sponsored Detection of delimitation in composite cantilever sandwich beam by using the frequency response
1525002 Yuvraj Gahininath Pawar Prof. A. M. Mulla DRDO, Hyderabad  
1525003 Gaikwad Akshay Ashok Dr. M. T. Telsang Tvemevaham Consulting Pvt.Ltd., Pune “Development of Customized catalytic converter model by using CAD kernel Open Cascade”
1525004 Dhongade Rohit Laxman Dr. Sachin K. Patil PSP Pump private Ltd., Kolhapur “Design and Analysis and manufacturing of pump body casting”
1525005 Maske Abhijeet Prataprao Prof. M. V. Kavade TATA-Toyo, Pune “Customization for 3D CAD of Radiator Tanks and Header Plate”
1525006 Magdum Mandar Umesh. Prof. S. N. Jalwadi Geometrics, Pune “Development and implementation of guidelines for die casting in DFM-PRO software”
1525008 Koli pratik shivaji Dr. Sachin K.Patil Menon Piston Pvt. Ltd., Kolhapur “Customization of 3D cad model for piston spigot and clamping pin using NX software”
1525009 Ghule Ranjeet Narhari Prof. D. S. Chavan Bharat Forge Ltd., Pune “Design, Modelling and Development of crank shaft of Four cylinder Disel engine”
1525010 Chavan Mahesh Sadashiv Prof. S.N.Jalwadi Non-Sponsored “Effect of backup ratio on crack propagation in tooth fillet of spur gear”
1525011 Shinde Vaibhav Kashinath Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar BOSCH Ltd., Nasik “ Study and analysis of relocation of second generation common rail injector”
1525012 Pawar Pratik Jayesh. Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar Non-Sponsored “Parametric Modelling and analysis to optimized size and location of opening in pressure vessel”
1525013 Kodag Umesh Ramchandra Prof. S.N.Jalwadi Non-Sponsored “Implementation of Virtual Internal Bond(VIB) model to investigate fracture behaviour in Quasi-Brittle Material”
1525014 Jadhav Chetan Chandrakant Prof. S.N.Jalwadi Non-Sponsored “Implementation of Virtual Internal Bond(VIB) model in nano-material by using finite element approach”
1525015 Chougule Abhishek Ashokrao Prof.S.R.Patil Non-Sponsored “Computational analysis of smart fluid damper used in heavy duty application”
1525016 Acharya Nitin Nivarti Prof.A.M.Mulla Aethrone Aerospace, Pune “CFD analysis and optimization of maglev train for high speed corridor project”
1525017 Bhaisare Tushar Tulshidas Prof. M.V.Kavade Spacewood office solution, Nagpur “Design of SPM multi drilling machine”
1525018 Mane Kunal Parmeshwar Prof. N.K.Chhapkhane Bharat Forge Ltd., Pune “Design, Development & Analysis of Outlet Guide Vane (OGV)”
1525019 Kadam Mangesh Ananda Prof. M.V.Kavade DRDO, Hyderabad  

Year 2015-16

Roll No. Name of Student Name of Guide Sponsored/Non-Sponsored Name of Sponsoring Industry/Company Title of Dissertation
1425001 Methe Kapil Vilas Prof. N.K.Chhapkhane Sponsored Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Ltd.Kirloskarwadi. Design & Validation of API BB2 Type Pump Assembly with Structural & CFD Analysis using Software
1425002 Khalate Krunal M Prof. S.R.Patil Sponsored Kalyani Technoforge (India) Ltd.Pune. Modeling and analysis of planetary gear using forge-11 software
1425003 Patil Amarsingh Ashokrao Prof. S.N.Jalwadi Sponsored Cyclo Transmissions Ltd. Satara. Automatic part generation of planetry gearbox in catia software
1425004 Kulkarni Mandar Purushotam Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar Sponsored Finite to Infinite Ltd. Pune. Fatigue Life Prediction of rubber material using Simulation software
1425005 Chavan Pratap Machindranath Dr. S.M.Sawant Sponsored Siemens Industry Software Pvt.Ltd.Pune. Enhancement of Functionality of Offset 3D Curve Feature of CAD Software-NX
1425007 Kalmani Abhinav Ramesh Prof. S.K.Patil Non-Sponsored In - House Fatigue life optimization of sport utility vehicle (SUV) front suspension mount.
1425008 Kanade Pratik Bhagavat Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar Sponsored 3D PLM Software Solutions Ltd.Pune 1D modeling and simulation of cardiovascular blood flow using Dymola
1425009 Shekde Krushna Popat Prof. S.D.Patil Sponsored Novus Nexus India Pvt.Ltd., Pune Numerical analysis of Corrugated Tube Metal Hydride based Hydrogen storage system
1425010 Dabadgaonkar Ananda Ravindra Prof. S.N.Jalwadi Sponsored Kalyani Center for Technology & Innovation Pune Investigation of cracking of front axle beam during quenching process
1425011 Pachal Dilip Baburao Prof. S.K.Patil Non-Sponsored In - House FEA simulation of Bolted holes by customisation in HyperMesh Software.
1425012 Gunukhe Vishal Narasing Prof. S.V.kadam Non-Sponsored In - House Optimization of the corrugated pipe for enhancement of Heat Transfer.
1425013 Saiprasad Dashrath Shirsath Prof. D.S.Chavan Sponsored Kalyani Maxion Wheels Ltd.Pune. Analysis of forming process using Hyperform software
1425014 Pokarnekar Abhijeet Tukaram Prof. M.V.Kavade Sponsored BARC Trombay Mumbai Design & Development of Fretting Fatigue Testing Machine
1425015 Wagh Harshal Balasaheb Dr. S.M.Sawant Sponsored RRCAT Indore (M.P) Design and development of piezo-actuated tilting mechanism.
1425016 Prashant Y Patil Prof. M.B.Mandale Sponsored BARC Trombay Mumbai simulation of ratcheting in piping components
1425017 Vitnor Suyog Kailas Prof. M.V.Kavade Sponsored Jaya Hind Industries Ltd Pune Design and Finite Element Analysis of Friction Plate of Diaphragm Spring Clutch.
1425018 Nimbalkar Madhuri Prof. S.D.Patil Non-Sponsored In - House Design and analysis of compact shell and finned tube metal hydride reactor for hydrogen storage
1425019 Patil Atul Anandrao Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar Sponsored Aashai Technologies Ltd .Pune Unfolding ruled surfaces feature Implementation in 3D CAD software solidedge.

Year 2014-15

Roll No. Name of Student Title of Dissertation Name of Guide Name of Sponsor Industry
1325001 Mali Rohit Vijaykumar Optimization of Process Parameters of Powder Mixed Electric Discharge Using Genetic Algorithm. Prof. M.V.Kavade Non-Sponsor
1325002 Nanware Gaurav Ramesh Design and Development of Refrigeration Compressor for its Transport Worthiness for Freezer on Wheel (FOW) Application. Prof. P.P.Deshpande Emerson Climate Technologies (India)Pvt.Ltd.Karad.
1325003 Kulkarni Anurag Vaijanath Finite element analysis of Cylinder liner at manufacturing Conditions. Prof. S.R.Patil Cooper Corporation Pvt.Ltd.Satara.
1325004 Kadam Akshaykumar V Automated assembly of reduction type gearbox in Creo 2.0.software. Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar Non-Sponsor
1325005 Patil Mahesh Ashok Investigation and optimization of column support in elevators by using FEA Approach. Prof. S.N.Jalwadi Sky Elevators Pvt. Ltd. Pune.
1325006 Patil Ajay Ramesh Customization of CAD software using MACROS for design of different surface patterns. Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar Non-Sponsor
1325007 Zaware Atul Balkrishna Customization of UGS NX software for 3D modeling of fins. Prof. M.M.Mirza Non-Sponsor
1325008 Shikalgar Vivekananda D CFD Simulation of gas fired Furnace During The Heat Treatment Processes. Prof. D.S.Chavan Dhanaprakash Industrial Corporation MIDC Kupwad Sangli.
1325009 Sawant Yogesh Haridas Customization of CATIA V5 for Modeling of Screw Conveyor. Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar Non-Sponsor
1325010 Mutha Rohan Parasmal Investigation of the effect of different issues affecting 650 MHz Multi-cell Elliptical Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavity Design. Prof. Dr. S.M.Sawant Raja Ramanna Center of Advance Technology Department of Atomic Energy Indore.
1325011 Yajurvedi Anantha Shridhar Software Customization for Blank Generation Prof.M.B.Mandale Pushparaj Engineers M.I.D.C.Kolhapur.
1325012 Salve Ajinkya Kishor Implementation of cohesive zone through UEL User defined element in Abacus to investigate Fracture Problems. Prof. S.N.Jalwadi Non-Sponsor
1325013 Khot Jitendra Shahaji Stress Analysis and Optimization of Three Roller Sugar Mill using FEA Technique. Prof. M.B.Mandale SAISIDHA Sugar Equipment & Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Pune.
1325016 Patil Abhijeet Dadaso Investigation of Effect of Thermal Loading on Key Element of CNC Machine Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Prof. S.N.Jalwadi TAL Manufacturing Solution Ltd.Pune.
1325017 Ingole Suraj Ravsaheb Design and Static stress analysis of material handling Tool Pallet/Skid. Prof. N.K.Chhapkhane Dutta Tools Pvt. Ltd. Karad.
1325019 Shaikh Bilal Pirmahamad Design ,Modeling and analysis of bucket tooth of backhoe excavator using CAD-CAE SOFTWARE. Prof. A.M.Mulla Non-Sponsor
1325020 Patil Shreyas Panditrao Design of rotor assembly with structural analysis of BB3 type multistage pump, Prof. A.M.Mulla Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Ltd.Kirloskarwadi.