Rajarambapu Institute of Technology
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Academic Year 2012-13
Sr. No Name of Student Title of Dissertation Name of Guide
1 Kadam Sandeep Ratnadeep Fault level Analysis of distribution substation for selection of protective devices Prof.Y.N.Bhosale
2 Jangam Shivkumar Chandrashekhar A Novel Wavelet energy entropy based protection scheme for lines connection wind farms Prof.H.T.Jadhav
3 Chindhi Pradip Sambhaji Reduction of power system losses by optimal location of flexible A.C.Transmission systems[FACTS] Devices Prof.H.T.Jadhav
4 Aga Julekhbi Makbul Enhancing a Fault Ride-Through Capability of Doubly fed Induction Generator (DFIG)Based wind turbine systems Prof.H.T.Jadhav
5 More Kalpana Kisan Optimal placement of Phaser measurement units(PMUs)using Heuristic method Prof.H.T.Jadhav
6 Nagur pallavi Nagabhushan Economic and Emission dispatch studies in wind integrated power systems using GBEST guided artificial bee colony algorithm Prof.H.T.Jadhav
7 Pukale Rahul Sukhdeo Maximum power point tracking using hill climb searching method for wind system Prof.K.U.Jadhav
8 Pharne Indrajit Dattatray Multilevel converter technology for Solar PV based grid connected inverter Prof.Y.N.Bhosale
9 Waychal Ashish Subhash Analysis of transformer oil with the help of Image processing Prof.Y.N.Bhosale
10 Patil Uday Tanajirao Implementation of Multifunctional dynamic voltage restorer for power quality Improvement in distribution system Prof.A.R.Thorat
11 Jadhav Nilesh Sharad Advance protection scheme for 110KV transmission line using Differential protection with the help of Instantaneous value and equal transfer processes Prof.A.R.Thorat
12 Naik Yogesh Ramchandra Analysis and control approach for maximum power point tracking of a photovoltaic system Prof.A.R.Thorat
13 Metkari Vishal T. Distribution feeder load balancing with loop power controllers using photovoltaic generation Prof.A.R.Thorat
14 Sontakke Sunil Shrikant Estimation of power quality indices and its enhancement in micro grid using modified recursive Gauss-Newton (MRGN)algorithm and dynamic voltage restorer(DVR) Prof.A.R.Thorat
15 Patil Nitinkumar Surgonda Small-Signal Stability Analysis of wind turbine with the help of direct-drive permanent magnetic synchronous generator connected to power grid Prof.Y.N.Bhosale
16 Bhandari Arvind Madhukar Maximum Power point tracking in wind system using Matrix converter Prof.K.U.Jadhav
Academic Year 2013-2014
1 Divate dayanand Dhulappa An improvement of power quality using nine-switch power conditioner with minimization of voltage sag Prof.Y.N.Bhosale
2 Zambre Madhuri Balasaheb An analysis of fault location algorithm for transmission lines using synchronized measurements Prof.Y.N.Bhosale
3 Amale Swapnil S. Power quality improvement by shunt active power filter Prof.H.T.Jadhav
4 Bamane Pradip Dhyanu Optimal power flow of power systems with HVDC connected offshore wind power generation Prof.H.T.Jadhav
5 Jamdade Kuldip Balasaheb Novel online field ground fault location method for alternators with static excitation Prof.A.R.Thorat
6 Bendre pallavi Gajanan Design and control of electric spring to improve future smart grid with intermittent renewable energy sources Prof.Y.N.Bhosale
7 Deshmukh satyajit sanjay Design and analysis of a new switched-capacitor inverter using series/parallel conversion with inductive load Prof.H.T.Jadhav
8 Patil Rajan Shivaji Power quality improvement in the distributed generation system Prof.H.T.Jadhav
9 Kunure Bhushun Suryakant Theoretical analysis and performance of zero-voltage and zero-current switching DC-DC converter for high step-up and high power application Prof.A.R.Thorat
10 Gurav Sunil Suresh Development of D-STATCOM for compensation of linear and non-linear load Prof.H.T.Jadhav
11 Shete Abhijeet Rajendra An optimal technique for manufacturing of H.V.Capacitor by using metalized polypropylene film Prof.A.R.Thorat
12 Banberu sagar Shyam Node voltage regulation in loop distribution system using unified power flow controller (UPFC) Prof.A.R.Thorat
13 Kadam suraj Shivajirao An elimination of common mode leakage current in PV-Grid connected power system using improved transformerless inverter topology Prof.A.R.Thorat
14 Vashikar Vishal Vinayak Enhancement of voltage profile at distribution level using dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) Prof.H.T.Jadhav
15 Suryawanshi Deepali Anandrao Protection of HVDC transmission line using transient energy principle Prof.Y.N.Bhosale
16 Waiphale Vivek Vitthal Performance analysis of smart grid with superconducting fault current limiter Prof.A.R.Thorat
17 Jadhav Shrikant Shivaji Design and Development of single phase solar water pumping system suitable for rural development Prof.H.T.Jadhav
Academic Year 2014-2015
1 Sagar RamdasSonavane Standalone wind energy generation system using hysteresis current control method for SCIM Prof. H.T.Jadhav
2 Ms. AshwiniDhanrajUdgave Control of inverter interfaced D.G. system during fault condition without affecting protection co-ordination in microgrid Prof. H.T.Jadhav
3 Ms. Aditi Nitin Kshirsagar Reliability analysis of power system Prof. A.R.Thorat
4 Ms. Komal Manohar Kamble A wind energy optimal design algorithm for power generation system Prof. H.T.Jadhav
5 Mr. Digvijay Bhimrao Kanase Performance of d.c. to D.C. dual active bridge converter driving single phase inverter Prof. H.T.Jadhav
6 Ms. Jyoti Mohan Kharade Fault tolerant alternate ARM modular multilevel converter for HVDC system Prof.A.R.Thorat
7 Ms. Rohini Adhikrao Desai Protection Co-ordination and analysis of optimal location of superconducting fault current Prof. H.T.Jadhav
8 Ms. Mulik Priyanka B. Energy efficient optimal trajectory tracking of industrial robot evolutionary algorithm Prof. H.T.Jadhav
9 Mr. Sargar Dhananjay Sukhdeo LCLR filter design and modeling for power quality improvement in interconnected microgrid systems Prof. C.L.Bhattar
10 Mr. Nitin H. Chavan Modeling and performance of power factor correction to anti resonance in growing industries Prof. C.L.Bhattar
11 Ms. Prajkta Shivajirao Jadhav Reactive power compensation by using DSTATCOM Prof. A.R.Thorat
12 Ms. Sayara Yunnus Tamboli An intelligent approach for DFIG and STATCOM with HVDC transmission Prof. H.T.Jadhav
13 Ms.Rutuja Rupendra Shivalkar Designing of demand side management program for reliance energy consumers using load curve profile Prof. H.T.Jadhav
14 Ms. Neha Mohan Agashe Design simulation and prototype implementation of STATCOM for improvement of power system stability Prof. A.R.Thorat
15 Mr. Ashutosh Shrinivas Patil A ZCS High efficient single input multiple output dc-dc converter with step up capability Prof. H.T.Jadhav
16 Mr. Vishwanath Bhausaheb Pundapal An evolutionary approach to solve reactive power optimization problem of power system Prof. A.R.Thorat
Academic Year 2015-2016
1 Deshpande Dnyanesh P A step up conveter with Reduced voltage stress on Switches with voltage multiplier for Photovoltaic Module Prof. A.R. Thorat
2 BandgarTejal S Enhancing Performance of Transformer less single Phase Inverter for Grid Tied Photovoltaic Application Prof. H.T. Jadhav
3 Maske Pradnya F Digital Implementation of Three –Level Boost PFC Converter for capacitance voltage Balance control in FPGA system Prof. A.R. Thorat
4 Shinde Rahul S Enhancement of Power Quality for Multiple outputs switched mode power supply based on Bridgeless converter Prof. A.R. Thorat
5 Chavan Sandip V A Fuzzy Adaptive voltage control strategy of 3 Phase Inverter for Stand Alone Distributed Generation System Prof. H.T. Jadhav
6 Kumbhar Sachin S A Z- Source Half Bridge Converter for PV Application Prof. A.R. Thorat
7 Tonpe Pallavi M Enhancing Performance of Distance Relay caused by series capacitor in Transmission Line Prof. A.R. Thorat
8 Chavan Rohit R Modified PWM Technique for Bidirectional AC/DC Converter to Reduce switching Loss with fuzzy Logical control for Grid Tied Microgrid System Prof. A.R. Thorat
9 Deshmukh Sonali M Analysis of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Battery Hybrid Power Generator Prof. R.A. Metri
10 Nathgosavi Kiran M Design and Development of Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Power Switching Prof. A.R. Thorat
11 Kashid Vinayak B An Improving the Reliability of Three Phase Inverter base on Cuk converter for PV Application Prof. H.T. Jadhav
12 Sawant Pallavi T. Enhancement of Power from PV System Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm under Partial Shaded Condition Prof. C.L. Bhattar
13 Koli Pratiksha M Design and Implementation of AC/DC Matrix converter for V2G Application Prof. H.T. Jadhav
14 Patane Aniket R A Thirteen –Level Inverter with D-STATCOM capability for Distribution Energy System Prof. H.T. Jadhav
15 Patil Sandeep Avinash Static Var Compensator by fuzzy controller for power system damping Prof. H.T. Jadhav
16 Jadhav Vinod K Fuzzy Logic Based Active Voltage Quality Regulator for voltage sag compensation Prof. A.R. Thorat
Academic Year 2016-2017
1 ShindeOmkarKumar Design And Development Of Multilevel Inverter For STATCOM Application Prof.VRSV Bharath
2 RautRituChandrakant Analysis Of Switching Transient Overvoltage And Its Effect On Insulation Co-Ordination Prof. A. R. Thorat
3 WanjariRitesh Ashok Power Quality Improvement Of UPQC By Using Direct Power Control Dr. H. T. Jadhav
4 YelpalePriyankaRajaram New Control Strategy For Grid Integrated PV Farm To Operates As STATCOM Dr. H. T. Jadhav
5 ShindeAmolAshok Design Of PLC And SCADA Based Electricity Saving System For Air Compressor Dr. H. T. Jadhav
6 ParitAjinkyaBajirao Integrated Harmonic Filtrations And Estimation Of Stray Losses In Distribution Transformer Dr. H. T. Jadhav
7 PayshettiChetan Sanjay Analysis Of Grounding Grid Of Substation Dr. H. T. Jadhav
8 SavakhandeVirajBalkrishna Voltage Lift DC-DC Converter Using ModularVoltage Multiplier Cells For Photovoltaic Application Prof. C. L. Bhattar
9 SheteSayaliRajendra Design, Simulation And Practice Analysis, Remedial Majors For Capacitor Switching Phenomenon Prof. A. R. Thorat
10 KulkarniShridharBhalchandra Traction converter for V2G application in hybrid AC/DC system Prof. A. R. Thorat
11 ChewaleMangeshAniruddh Grid connected INTERLIVED FLYBACK Inverter for PV application Dr. H. T. Jadhav
12 PatilSagar Sanjay Shunt Active Power Filter For Medium Voltage 12-Phase Rectifier Using Pi And Robust Control Prof. R. A. Metri
13 PatilSagar Shamrao Performance Analysis Of Point Of Common Coupling With Bridge Type Fault Current Limiter Prof. A. R. Thorat
14 PatilGauri Ashok Harmonic Analysis And Mitigation Using Passive Filter As Well As Active Filter In Industries Prof. Y. N. Bhosale
15 PatilSumitRaosaheb Implementation Of Hybrid Space Vector Pwm Inverter For Induction Motor Drive Prof. V. N, Kalkhambkar
16 MaskarMukundBalaso Optimal Power Flow Incorporating Thermal-Wind Power Plant Prof. A. R. Thorat
17 KoshtiAmol Krishna Novel Design Of Multilevel Inverter Prof. A. R. Thorat