Rajarambapu Institute of Technology
UGC has granted extension of Autonomous Status to Rajarambapu Institute of Technology for the period w.e.f. 2017-2018 to 2021-2022      |      3rd rank in Top Engineering Colleges of Excellence as per CSR-GHRDC Engineering Colleges Survey 2018.      |      RIT has ranked 25th amongst Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - 2018 (Siliconindia Survey Report)      |      RIT has Ranked 43rd in Top 100 T-Schools in India 2019 Rankings & Ranked 9th in West Zone of Maharashtra as per DATAQUEST Survey 2019.      |      Diploma Admission MSBTE Information 2020-21
1) RED HAT Academy MOU signed between Redhat India Pvt Ltd and CSE Dept, RIT to conduct Redhat Certification programs such as RHCSA, RHCE and Red Hat Openstack cloud. The out come of the MOU are as follows:
1) 3 Students selected for full time in Red Hat Pune with 7+ Lakh pa
2) Bhavin Gandhi, final year CSE student is selected as the Docker Campus Ambassador.
3) Vishal Ghule, placed at CloudYuga.
4) 5 students are selected as interns in Red Hat.
5) 15 students are placed in Prodevans, Bentley, TCS.
6) Yadnyawalka Tale was selected for DEF CON 2017 with funding of Rs 4 lacs.
7) Prof. S. R. Poojara got chance to attend Google funded workshop called POSSE and funded with $1080.
8) Prof. S. R. Poojara got LinuxFoundation travel grantto attend POSSE event at Bologna, Italy.
9) Many of our students' blogs are published in Red Hat Professional blog.
10) Successfully completed 6 sponsored projects from Red Hat, Pune.
11) 4 sponsored projects are pipelined for this year.
12) 81 students are Red Hat Certified System Administrator.
13) 43 students are Red Hat Certified Engineers.
14) students are Red Hat OpenStack Administrator.
15) Five open source projects contributions and Initial versions released.
2) INFOSYS Campus Connect Programme
1. Added two Open Elective Courses in Curriculum
2. Self Learning courses for students
3. Technical webinar series from Infosys experts
4. Training Programs for Faculty members
5. Soft Skill Programs for Students
6. Industry visit under CC program
7. Awards under Inspire Faculty Contest
Specialized Laboratories
1) ANEKA Cloud Computing Laboratories Aneka is a cloud PaaS product from Manjrasoft Pty Ltd Australia. The following are activities to enrich and teach cloud computing in acadmedia:
1. Setup a Lab by building an enterprise/private Cloud by harnessing the power of existing LAN-connected 20 desktop computers
2. Teach concepts of distributed/Cloud programming using models such as Task, Thread, andMapReduce
3. Conduct Lab classes and mount student projects in Cloud computing
4. Teach and demonstrate Cloud computing concepts by deploying on public Clouds such asAmazon EC2 by renting the computing infrastructure
5. Conduct advanced R&D in Cloud computing by using Aneka as an extensible research engine.
6. Develop innovate Cloud applications and projects solving important problems in science andbusiness such as BigData problems.
2) GPU Education Center- awarded by NVIDIA Corporation. Awarded Year – 2013-14, Renewal Year – 2016
1. The Award and Renewal qualifies Dept. of CSE, RIT Rajaramnagar for the following benefits:
2. Two CUDA capable high end GPUs – Tesla C2075
3. Two CUDA capable GPUs – GeForce GTX480
4. A CUDA capable GPU of Kepler Architecture – GeForce GTX680
5. A NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture GeForce GTX Titan X GPU donation.
6. Following activities conducted under GPU Education Center since Awarded by NVIDIA Corporation.
7. PG Dissertations and UG Projects are in the area of Optimization, scheduling, disease diagnosis, and forecasting.
8. Theory and Lab courses are introduced for M. Tech and B. Tech CSE students.
9. Training Program on “Multi-Core/GPU Computing and Parallel Programming” organized for students and faculties.
10. Conducted training program for students in the vicinity ofShivaji University, Kolhapur.
3) AWS Cloud Education Grant AWS Educate is Amazon Web Services’ newest grants-based initiative to prepare students for the cloud-enabled workforce. AWS Educate provides students and educators hands-on access to AWS technology, training resources, course content and collaboration forums — at no cost.
1. Grants for free usage of AWS services for educators, TAs, and students of $75/each student and faculty of $200.
2. Access labs, tutorials and training on AWS products
3. Open source course content provided by top professors and AWS
4. Collaboration tools and access to a community of cloud experts and colleagues
4) National Cyber Safety And Security Standards(NCSSS) National Cyber Safety and Security Standards provides a platform to participate in the faculty development programmes followed by National Cyber Security Conference / Summits / Workshops organized by National Cyber Safety and Security Standards in association with various state & central governments. Institution can conduct cyber workshops/seminars/events/conferences in association with National Cyber Safety and Security Standards while conducting Cyber related Programmes, NCSSS will nominate cybersecurity industry leaders/professionals/experts to guide (empower) our students & scholars. Faculty and Students can send their research articles/papers and it will be published in the e-Magazine portal as well as will get an Opportunity to present papers which are selected and recommended by the council at upcoming conferences/summits. Articles/papers will be Scrutinized / Reviewed by the council and will be published which are selected. National Cyber Safety and Security Standards provide a unique opportunity to protect our critical digital infrastructure and network with Cyber Security Professionals/Experts, Security Analysts, Network Experts and Forensic Professionals from all sectors.


Sr. No Workshop Name Date Resource Person
1. Docker 101 Workshop for promotion Docker Ambassador Program 27/10/2017 Mr. Bhavin Gandhi
2. Expert Lecture on Cloud Forms by Prodevans LLP through webinar 2/11/2017 Prodevans LLP Bangalore
3. Python Express Workshop 7/10/2017 Mr. Amol Kahat and RIT alumni, Red Hat Pune
4. RITinLUG inauguration and session on GIT, project interactions 8/09/2017 Mr. Chandan Kumar and Mr. Amol Kahat, Red Hat Pune
5. Fedora 26 Release party 11/7/2017 RITinLUG Members
6. Industry visit to Red Hat Pune regarding discussion about projects and Conference. 24/8/2017 Mrs Savita Patil and Mr. S R Poojara
7. Basics of Docker Cloud 22/7/2017 Mr. Vishal Ghule Alumni RIT and SE- CloudYuga.guru
8. Motivation Lecture on Open Source Technologies July 2017 Mr. Akshay Shivekar Intern Red Hat Pune.
9. Open Source Days 14-18th 2017 5 Days --
10. Docker and Containers 14/3/2017 Mr. Neependra Khare, Director Cloud Yuga Bangalore
11. Ansible Tower 15/3/2017 Mr. Ashutosh Bhakare
12. DevOps 16/03/2017 Mr. Deepak Mishra Prodevans LLP
13. StartX Program 17, 18/03 /2017 Red Hat Certified Students
14. University Out Reach program and project Evaluations 29/4/2017 Ms. Rupali T and Team from Red Hat Pune
15. Python Express 5th October 2016 Ashutosh and Team
16. Webinar on Cloud Forms 23rd Sept 2017. Mr. Sohail Akhtar, Prodevans LLP
17. Inauguration of Red Hat Academy 04/01/2015 Mr. Sachin Naik Territory Head Red Hat India Mumbai
18. Importance of Open Source Software tools and Red hat Certification Programs 11/09/2015 Mr. Sachin Naik Territory Head Red Hat India Mumbai and Mr. Ashutosh Bhakare
19. Pre Conference Workshop 28/01/2016 Mr. Prasad Mukedkar, Red Hat Pune.