Rajarambapu Institute of Technology
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Dissertation Completed - 2018-2019

Sr. No. Roll No Name of student Title of Dissertation Name Of Supervisor
1 1726001 Sayalee S. Jadhav Design of Tool Life Cycle Management for Effective Use of Cutting Tools Dr. S. D. Yadav, Mr. Shailesh Tupe
2 1726003 Sachin B. Lokhande Experimental Evaluation of Magneto-Rheological Clutch Dr. S. R. Patil
3 1726004 Saif A. Tamboli Design of Light Weight Seat Structure for Compact European Car Dr. A. P. Shah, Mr. Garad D.
4 1726005 Pushpak A. Hambarde Design of Regenerative Shock Absorber and Optimization of Variable Stiffness Damping Using Magneto-Rheological Fluid Shock Absorber with Mechanical Motion Rectifier Dr. L. M. Jugulkar
7 1726009 Amey A. Mansabdar Design and Development of Metal Matrix Composite Disc Brake Rotor Prof. R. M. Shinde

Dissertation Completed - 2017-2018

Sr. No Roll no. Name of the students Project title Project supervisor(s)
1. 1626001 Vyom Bhushan Design and Analysis of 30 Ton Light Weight Trailer Structure for All Terrain Capability Dr. S. D. Yadav
2. 1626002 Ashish M. Sonawane Design and Development of Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) system for smooth gear shifting in two-wheeler. Dr. D. G. Thombare
3. 1626003 Sagar T. Magdum Design, Analysis and Upgradation of Diesel Engine Test Bed for Reduction of Vibration caused by Engines. Dr. S. D. Yadav
4. 1626004 Tripti T. Nangare Design and Development of After Treatment system for High Horsepower Engine Complying CPCB II Norms. Dr. S. D. Yadav
5. 1626005 Vidyasagar B. Maske Design and Performance Analysis of Three-Way Catalytic Converter using High Cell Density Substrate and Noble Metal for Automotive Exhaust Emission Control. Prof. S. T. Satpute
6. 1626006 Bhushan C. NikamPatil Design and fabrication of regenerative brake test rig and testing on 3- wheeler prototype. Prof. S. T. Satpute
7. 1626007 Pravin L. Kale Design and Development of Water Cooling system for SI engine of existing Three Wheeler Passenger vehicle for the improvement in cooling and overall vehicle performance. Prof. S. R. Patil
8. 1626008 Suyog V. Gangurde Evaluation of Full Trailer Structure, Ramp and Platform used for Defense Application using Finite Element Analysis [FEA]. Prof. S. R. Patil
9. 1626009 Nikhil B. Patil Experimental Investigation and Mathematical Modelling of Suspension System with Variable Damping Force by using Magneto Rheological Damper Dr. L. M. Jugulkar
10. 1626011 Sandip S. Devhade Experimental analysis of heat transfer enhancement in automobile cooling system using Al2O3-MgO and water based hybrid nanofluid. Dr. S. R. Desai
11. 1626012 PrabhanjanShinde Emission Optimization of 60 HP Agricultural Tractor Engine. Dr. S. R. Desai
12. 1626013 Pratik Shinde Optimization of 2-cylinder naturally aspirated genset to achieve smoke limit as per CPCB II Norms. Dr. A. P. Shah
13. 1626015 Omkar B. Surve Experimental investigation on single cylinder diesel BS IV engine emission improvement. Prof. S. R. Kumbhar
14. 1626016 Soham P.Godase Design and Development of Composite Coil Spring for Automotive Suspension. Prof. R. M. Shinde

Dissertation Completed - 2016-2017

Sr. No Roll no. Name of the students Project title Project supervisor(s)
1. 1526001 Mohite Ajinkya R. Design and Development of An ECU with On-Board Diagnosis System For Duel Fuel Injection System of HCCI Engine. Dr. D. G. Thombare
2. 1526002 Ghare Vivek V. Computational Analysis of Intake Manifold Design On Induction Swirl of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Dr. D. G. Thombare
3. 1526003 Jadhav Sunil L. Design, development, optimization and testing of continuously variable length intake system for mutli-cylinder engine. Dr. D. G. Thombare
5. 1526004 Rokade Prashant A. Design and Analysis of Gas Carburetor For 4 stroke C.I. Engine Using CNG Fuel. Dr. S. D. Yadav
6. 1526005 Bhoskar Avishkar R. Design, mathematical modeling and analysis of bevel gear pair for gate valve. Dr. S. D. Yadav
7. 1526006 Khot Swapnil T. Design and analysis of reactor for Artificial methane hydrate formation. Dr. S. D. Yadav
8. 1526007 Kadam Prasad P. Estimation of temperature rise in a dry single plate automotive clutch due to slippage. Prof. S. R. Patil
9. 1526008 Kamble Romit M. Development Of Control Strategy For Automotive Anti-Clock Brake System Using Magnetorheological Brake. Prof. S. R. Patil
10. 1526009 Bagwan Nadim A. J. M. Design And Performance Analysis of a Three Way Catalytic Converter Using Combination Of Nano-Particle of Non-Noble Metal Catalysts For Automobile Emission Control. Prof. S. T. Satpute
11. 1526010 Khiwansara Rithesh D. Design And Development of Coding For Optimization of composite automotive drive shaft. Prof. S. T. Satpute
12. 1526011 Jadhav Pankaj P. Development, Testing And Performance Analysis Of Semi-Active Shock-Absorber For Four Wheeler Vehicular Application. Dr. L. M. Jugulkar
13 1526012 Pawar Yogesh S. Development And Integration Of Magneto-Rheological Damper For Four Wheeled Road Vehicle Application. Dr. L. M. Jugulkar
14 1526013 Kengar Rohit V. Experimental analysis of fluid elastic vibration in rotated square finned tube arrays subjected to water cross flow. Dr. S. R. Desai
15 1526014 Jadhav Ashish A. Optimization of leaf spring for strength using composite material for light commercial vehicle. Prof. S. R. Kumbhar
16 1526015 Chavan Nitish P. Design and experimental investigation for critical speed and natural frequency of composite driveshaft. Prof. R. M. Shinde
17 1526016 Jadhav Yuvraj B. Design, Mathematical Modeling And Analysis Of Worm And Worm Gear Pair For Plug Valve. Dr. A. P. Shah
18 1526017 Kumbhar Dhananjay M. Synthesis and characterization of nanogrease for automotive Bearing applications. Prof. P. S. Ghatage

Dissertation Completed - 2015-2016

Sr. No Roll no. Name of the students Project title Project supervisor(s)
1. 1426015 Wani Ganesh Tryambak NVH performance optimization of frame for commercial truck Prof. D. G. Thombare
2. 1426017 Pawar Sandeep Rajaram Theoretical and experimental assessment of ethanol and diesel in dual fuel mode for HCCI engine. Prof. D. G. Thombare
3. 1426019 Randive Suraj Suhas Simulation and performance evaluation of HCCI engine with methanol as fuel Prof. D. G. Thombare
4. 1426004 Khalse Rohit Purushottam Investigation and correlation of advance thin film materials for automotive interior trim component Dr. S. D. Yadav
5. 1426005 Waghmode Pradip Krishnaji Performance investigation of catalytic convertor with optimum back pressure in stationary diesel engine Dr. S. D. Yadav
6. 1426006 Shinde Sushant Mahadeo Performance investigation of modified diesel engine using diesel-biodiesel-Diethyl ether blend Dr. S. D. Yadav
7. 1426013 Pandit Abhishik Rajshekhar Design and experimental analysis of legged wheel for wheelchair to provide walking ability to disability over all terrain Dr. S. D. Yadav
8. 1426003 Sadekar Umesh Audumbar Design and development of automotive muffler parts and correlation of its predicted and measured transmission loss Prof. S. T. Satpute
9. 1426007 Mohane Chetankumar Panditrao Design and testing of piston ring-pack to reduce frictional losses in an automotive engine Prof. S. T. Satpute
10. 1426008 Shaikh Mohasin Mahebub Theoretical and experimental investigation of turbo lag reduction in I. C. Engine Prof. S. T. Satpute
11. 1426010 Lohar Rajendra Anandrao Investigation into squeeze mode Magneto Rheological Brake for automotive application Prof. S. R. Patil
12. 1426011 Kshirsagar Mrunal Prasad Reduction of neutral gear rattle phenomenon for light commercial vehicle. Prof. S. R. Patil
13. 1426001 Kumbhar Ananta Uttam Detailed investigation and failure analysis of four stroke six cylinder diesel engine crankshaft Prof. S. R. Kumbhar
14. 1426012 Borkar Vishal Ramesh Experimental investigation of performance and emissions in diesel engine operated with water-in-diesel emulsions Prof. S. R. Kumbhar
15. 1426014 Khatavkar Swapnil Chandrakant Design, modification and analysis of MSRTC bus body structure to improve strength Prof. S. R. Kumbhar
16. 1426002 Patil Dhiraj Dharamgonda Optimization of composite driveshaft for road vehicles Prof. R. M. Shinde
17. 1426016 Maniyar Aslam Allaudin Experimental evaluation of vibration response of normal square finned tube arrays in water cross flow Prof. S. R. Desai
18. 1426018 Suryawanshi Raneet Hanmant Performance analysis of common rail direct injection for single cylinder diesel engine based on piston geometry and injection pressure Prof. R. M. Shinde

Dissertation Completed - 2014-2015

Sr. No Roll no. Name of the students Project title Project supervisor(s)
1. 1326001 Gawale Ganesh R. Theoretical and experimental evaluation of dual fuel HCCI engine Prof. D. G. Thombare
2. 1326002 Umale Nitesh B. Simulation and testing of alpha stirling to optimize regenerator for improvement in engine performance Prof. D. G. Thombare
3. 1326003 Pawar Kalpesh M. Theoretical and experimental analysis of effect of expansion in exhaust system on engine Noise and performance Prof. D. G. Thombare
5. 1326005 Patil Prathmesh D. Design of gearbox suitable for new engine of light commercial vehicle Dr. S. D. Yadav
6. 1326007 Bagwan Mudssar M. Design and experimental investigation of impact EGR rate on the performance & emission characteristic of CI engine Prof. S. T. Satpute
7. 1326008 Jawalkar Tushar B. Comparitive investigation & CAE correlation of metal thermoplastic material for auto application Prof. S. T. Satpute
8. 1326009 Dashwant Akshay M. Experimental Evaluation of MR Brake for automotive application Prof. S. R. Patil
9. 1326010 Bhilare Nikhil A. Design and simulation of antilock brake system for BAJA application Prof. S. R. Patil
10. 1326011 Pawar Manikrao B. Design and simulation of semi active suspension system of road vehicle for rollover prevention Prof. L. M. Jugulkar
11. 1326012 Madane Indrajeet R. Design and performance analysis of variable stiffness suspension system for 4 wheeler automotive application Prof. L. M. Jugulkar
12. 1326013 Kelkar Saurabh D. Dynamic characteristic of MR electromer isolation for automotive application Prof. S. R. Kumbhar
13. 1326014 Narayankar Bhagwant P. Design and development of TATA Marcopolo bus body structure Prof. S. R. Kumbhar
14. 1326015 Patil Ajinkya B. Design, development and experimental investigation of characteristic of catalytic converter for stationary diesel engine Prof. R M. Shinde
15. 1326016 Gaikwad Ashwini S. Design of electro pneumatically operated 4 wheel drive gearbox for off road vehicle Prof. R M. Shinde
16. 1326017 Budhale Kishor C. Experimental evaluation & reduction of friction power in a single cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine Prof. S. R. Desai
17 1326018 Jadhav Aditya A. Estimation of damping loss factor for automotive glasses Prof. S. R. Desai