Rajarambapu Institute of Technology
UGC has granted extension of Autonomous Status to Rajarambapu Institute of Technology for the period w.e.f. 2017-2018 to 2021-2022      |      3rd rank in Top Engineering Colleges of Excellence as per CSR-GHRDC Engineering Colleges Survey 2018.      |      RIT has ranked 25th amongst Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - 2018 (Siliconindia Survey Report)      |      RIT has Ranked 43rd in Top 100 T-Schools in India 2019 Rankings & Ranked 9th in West Zone of Maharashtra as per DATAQUEST Survey 2019.      |      Diploma Admission MSBTE Information 2020-21

Dr. Padval Rajan Dhondiram

  • Designation: Registrar 
  • Qualification: B. Sc, M.B.A., Ph. D. 
  • Job Profile: Incharge of Administration & Admissions 
  • Contact No.: 7755992006, 9822674221 
  • Email ID: rajan.padval@ritindia.edu

Mrs. Patil Sarika Dushyant

  • Designation: Administrative Officer
  • Qualification: M.A. (Economics), B.Ed., M.P.M.(Pune University), Pursuing MBA 
  • Job Profile: Administrative Head & Establishment Section Head
  • Contact No.: 9823568122 
  • Email ID: sarika.patil@ritindia.edu

Establishment Section

Mr. Sardesai Prasad Digambar

  • Designation : Senior Clerk 
  • Qualification: B.A., DBM, MSCIT 
  • Job Profile : Recruitment Process, Appointment Orders, Service Book, Employee Records Etc.
  • Contact no : 8600600835 
  • Email ID: prasad.sardesai@ritindia.edu

Mrs. Gurav Aruna Sanjay 

  • Designation: Senior Clerk
  • Qualification: B.Com, GDC&A, GCC, MSCIT
  • Job Profile: Experience/Relieving/No Objection & any other certificates Generate new staff Employment ID &  RFID Cards issued Various Reports/Committees & recruitment drive related work Personal file documentation, staff, Birthday Records, Airtel Group Coordinator.
  • Contact no: 8600600231
  • Email ID: aruna.gurav@ritindia.edu

Mr. Patil Prakash Laxman 

  • Designation: Senior Clerk
  • Qualification: DCT, BA, PGDCA, MOS Excel
  • Job Profile: Approvals from AICTE & DTE for EOA, PIO quota, new proposals, Affiliation to Shivaji University, University Committee’s Report viz. Shikshan Shulk Samiti, University’s LIC, New proposals, Natural growth, Institute’s Ranking Survey Reports Etc. AICTE-CII, GHRDC, DQ-CSR etc.
  • Contact no: 9860131384
  • Email ID: prakash.patil@ritindia.edu

Mr. Pawar Amol Laxman

  • Designation : Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: M.Com.
  • Job Profile: Various Reports/Committees & recruitment drive related work, Increment related work.
  • Contact no : 8600600226
  • Email ID:amol.pawar@ritindia.edu

Mr. Pawar Sagar Pratap

  • Designation : Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: MBA (System & Marketing Mgt)
  • Job Profile: Asst. to Hon. Director, Inward-Outward, attending daily incoming & outgoing calls, fill employment data for employment office, sending Birthday wish on Email & distribute gifts, Billingof BSNL & Airtel bills
  • Contact no : 7745066999
  • Email ID: sagar.pawar@ritindia.edu

Student Section

Mr. Patil Jayavant Bajarang

  • Designation: Head Clerk
  • Qualification: B.Sc. (Chem.), DCM, DCT
  • Job Profile: Student Section Incharge, Admission Process First Year B.Tech., M. Tech. & Direct Second Year, Official Work at Pune
  • Contact no: 9970700721
  • Email ID: jayavantb.patil@ritindia.edu

Mrs. Jadhav Rajani Ramchandra

  • Designation : Senior Clerk
  • Qualification: M.A., D.I.T.
  • Job Profile: S.U. Exam, General Register, Bonafied Certificate, SSB letter, Address proof for passport letter, English language Certificate, Student Enrolled SY to B. Tech, SY M. Tech, Examination forms filling, Issue of hall tickets, Staff Attendance Record for salary
  • Contact no: 8275277215
  • Email ID: rajani.jadhav@ritindia.edu

Mr. Deshmukh Ashok Bhimrao

  • Designation: Senior Clerk
  • Qualification: B.Com, MSCIT
  • Job Profile: Student Fee, Share Holder Scholarship, National Insurance Work, To Submit university all Fees, Refund of Fees.
  • Contact no: 8600600220
  • Email ID: ashokb.deshmukh@ritindia.edu

Mr. Patil Sagar Bhaskarrao 

  • Designation: Senior Clerk
  • Qualification: B.Com, Tally, MSCIT
  • Job Profile: All Scholarship related work, Issuing Scholarship Certificate, Ph. D. Students Work.
  • Contact no: 8600600223
  • Email ID: sagarb.patil@ritindia.edu

Mr. Kandgave Sushant Vasant 

  • Designation: Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: MA-I, MSCIT
  • Job Profile: Admission Process, Student’s Attendance SMS, Online Data of AICTE & DTE, Issuing Student I-Card, Eligibility work. Un-Aided Certificate.
  • Contact no: 9921813095
  • Email ID: sushant.kandagave@ritindia.edu

Mr. Jadhav Bajarang Sampatrao 

  • Designation: Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: B.Com, GDC&A, MSCIT, Tally, GCC.
  • Job Profile: B.B.A. all work,Certificate- Transference, Railway, Student online verification, Student name changing process, Replacing student I – cards
  • Contact no: 9922274433
  • Email ID: bajarang.jadhav@ritindia.edu

Mr. Patil Sachin Rajaram

  • Designation: Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: B. Com. G.D.C.& A, Tally 9, MSCIT
  • Job Profile: All Scholarship related Work, Foreign students all work, Expenditure, Demand Certificate.
  • Contact no: 8805370140
  • Email ID: sachinr.patil@ritindia.edu

Mr. Patil Ranjit Ashokrao

  • Designation: Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: M.Com, GDC&A, MSCIT
  • Job Profile: Students Fees, All M.B.A. Work, All Certificates (M.B.A.), Share Holder Scholarship,Official Transcript (B.E, M.E.), GATE Students Attendance, Distribution Original Documents to the students,Re-registration, Rechecking, Re-Exam, Bus Challan.
  • Contact no : 9860585200
  • Email ID: ranjit.5505@gmail.com

Mr. Kadam Sandip Vasantrao

  • Designation: Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: B.Com, GDC&A, MSCIT, Tally
  • Job Profile: Admission Process- Diploma, Exam Forms & Enrollment Forms, Students Online Data of AICTE, DTE& MSBTE.
  • Contact no: 9860927487
  • Email ID: sandip.kadam@ritindia.edu

Mr. Jadhav Vinod Mahadev

  • Designation: Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: B.A(Eco.), MSCIT, Typing- English, Marathi, Hindi
  • Job Profile: Exam Forms & Enrollment Forms, Lab Manual, Fee Receipt, Diploma L.C. Work, DTE & MSBTE Official Work Pune, MSBTE Exam Work. (Summer & Winter)
  • Contact no: 9763417166
  • Email ID: vinod.jadhav@ritindia.edu

Account Section

Mr. Mulla Amjad Iqbal

  • Designation: Section Head Accounts Office
  • Qualification: B.Com., G.D.C.& A.
  • Job Profile: Accounting Process, Preparation of Budget, Bill Process, Online Payment.
  • Contact no : 9970700786, 7385732786
  • Email ID: amjad.mulla@ritindia.edu

Mr. Patil Balasaheb Tanaji

  • Designation: Accounts Officer
  • Qualification: B.Com., D.I.T. 
  • Job Profile: FRA Account Data, Final Audited Statement, GST Bill Process, Departmental Audit, Grant Utilizations, Guest House – Finance work,. 
  • Contact No.: 8600600200 
  • Email ID: btpatil@ritindia.edu, btp1997@rediffmail.com

Mr. Nilakhe Ajit Ashok

  • Designation: Senior Clerk
  • Qualification: B.Com., MS-CIT
  • Job Profile: Accounting Process, Bill Process, Office Deadstock work.
  • Contact no: 9096846767
  • Email ID: ajit.nilakhe@ritindia.edu

Mr. Dhaj Ashok Bapu

  • Designation: Senior Clerk – Cashier
  • Qualification: B.Com., MS-CIT
  • Job Profile: Cashier – U.G., P.G., C.O.E., B.F, Hostel, M.B.A., B.B.A., Diploma 2nd Shift, Community, Ph.d, Building Construction, YCMOU.
  • Contact no: 8600600212
  • Email ID: ashok.dhaj@ritindia.edu

Mrs. Desai Suvarna Arun

  • Designation: Senior Clerk
  • Qualification: M.Com., MS-CIT
  • Job Profile: T.D.S., Lead College, Alumni, Community, N.S.S.,SPEED, JEET related A/c work. F. D. Assistance, Library fine, Postage, Central Store checking.
  • Contact no: 9665312311
  • Email ID: suvarna.desai@ritindia.edu

Miss. Doshi Alaka Jagalal

  • Designation : Account Clerk
  • Qualification: B. Com., MS-CIT
  • Job Profile : Fixed Deposit, Finance Management
  • Contact no : 9657811464
  • Email ID: alaka.doshi@ritindia.edu

Mr. Patil Mahesh Shankar

  • Designation: Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: B.Com., H.D.C.M., G.D.C. & A.
  • Job Profile: Payroll, Provident Fund, Profession Tax, Income Tax, Gratuity related all work, Foreign Payment/ Inward Remittance.
  • Contact no: 9403780066
  • Email ID: maheshs.patil@ritindia.edu

Miss. Salunkhe Punam Rajendra

  • Designation: Junior Clerk
  • Qualification: M.Com, G.D.C.&A.
  • Job Profile: GST Invoices & GSTR-3B Data Preparation, Online Student Fee Collection, VouchersFeeding, Fees Scroll
  • Contact no: 7387299375
  • Email ID: punam.salunkhe@ritindia.edu

Menial Staff

Mr. Mulani Karim Mohammad 

  • Designation: Naik
  • Qualification: 8th
  • Contact no: 9503839946
  • Email ID: --

Mr. Desai Sampat Subrao 

  • Designation : Driver
  • Qualification: SSC
  • Contact no : 9970700722
  • Email ID: --

Mr. Yadav Ganesh Shamrao

  • Designation : Peon
  • Qualification: B.A.
  • Contact no : 8600600281
  • Email ID: ---

Mr. Kumbhar Santosh Rau

  • Designation: Peon
  • Qualification: B.A., MSCIT
  • Contact no : 8600600210
  • Email ID: santosh_kumbhar47@rediffmail.com

Mr. Madane Ramesh Popat

  • Designation : Peon
  • Qualification: B.A.
  • Contact no : 8600600211
  • Email ID: ---